Questions to Ask Before Buying New Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are popularly known as front door buzzers, voice/video doorbell, and front door intercom systems. If you have heard any of these terms, they are referring to precisely the same thing.  Irrespective of how you prefer to call them, these systems are ideal for apartments or block flats as they allow the people residing in the houses to release an electronic locking mechanism whenever they want to allow their visitors to enter into their properties. You may have seen them fitted on gated entrances as well. And, they are often either wired or wireless. For you to buy the best door entry systems, you need to know a few important things to avoid some of the costly mistakes that people do. Here are some of these important considerations.

Are Cameras Necessary?

You need to know whether you need cameras or not. There are the voice and video systems out there. The easiest and useful way to determine if you need this feature is to evaluate how people are coming and going out from your premises. This may help you to find out whether you need added security.

If you have cameras, you will be able to see and interact with most of your visitors without much difficulty. Additionally, you may choose to record and store the footage for future reference. As you have a visual record of these activities, you can have the peace of mind as you appreciate that your security system will help you to prevent criminal activities. But you can go for the voice option if your security needs are few.

Do I Require Radio-Frequency Identification?

Advanced technology has also made it possible for you to grant your staff or other people access via radio-frequency identification (RFI). In the past few years, many relied on the traditional keys to grant others access. Today, things have changed. With RFI, when the fob is misplaced, all you do is delete it from your system and get a new one.

Which is Better: Wire or Wireless?

Each of these tools has merits and drawbacks. With a wireless door entry system, you do need to buy wires to be secure. Also, criminals may not tamper with your door by simply interfering with your wiring system. On the other hand, for you to benefit from a wireless system, you may need a reliable professional to help you with your IT cabling tasks. Through the wireless system, you will be able to make lots of security changes remotely.

How Many Locations Need the Service?

Irrespective of whether you are a commercial entity or not, you must consider the number of locations that you want the system to monitor. If you fail, you may spend a lot of money on an expensive system, yet you remain vulnerable to criminal attacks. You establish that it should monitor a high number of doors, entry points, employee areas, or cover offices than you initially thought, change your plans. Get a more advanced security system to meet the needs.

Is it Efficient during Emergencies?

How does the door entry system that you are considering function in emergencies? Consider your type of business, the relevant building codes, as well as the applicable fire safety regulation to establish the type of hardware that you need. If you want an option that unlocks in case of a power shortage, choose fail-safe hardware. You can also go for fail-secure hardware if you want one that will stay locked in case the electricity fails. Remember, your new access system should be able to work efficiently with the existing hardware. At the same time, it needs to comply with all the relevant building and safety standards.

The Bottom Line

The security of properties, yourself and your family, and your staff is essential. The best way to offer the required safety is to control how people enter and leave your premises. You can achieve this goal with much ease if you install efficient door entry systems. The kind of systems that you install should depend on the level of security that you need. In the present world, advanced technology makes this possible, so you need to have no worries about this. Whenever you want to secure any of your properties, evaluate your needs to be able to buy and install the most useful door entry system before you take the first step.